Former cover model Mona Grant
and her teenage daughter were
having ongoing debates about
fashion and modeling.

"She considered me clueless about
the glam life of supermodels, and
repeatedly said so."  Mona told us.   

"Finally, I caved in.  Searching
through old suitcases, dusting off
portfolios, I found photos I had not
seen in twenty years.  That helped."  
That was before MMM60s started.  
Now all anyone has to do is Google
her name and she will be found on
the web with many of her friends and

Mona Grant had an extraordinarily  
long career as one of America's top
models.  She started as a child
model, in demand because of her
sparkling eyes and smile and her
creative and cooperative spirit.  She
appeared in countless magazine ads
and catalogs as a child, sometimes
with her brother Harold.

Mona was one of few top child
models who were able to make the
transition to top teen model and later
into the rarefied world of  high
fashion. She appeared several times
on the cover of Seventeen and
eventually evolved into a sleek high
fashion model working in Paris and
featured on the cover of Harper's
Bazaar. Her clients included top
notch ads with Clairol, Bonne Belle
and Cover Girl.

A few years ago Seventeen ran a
1970 photo of Colleen Corby and
Mona Grant on motorcycles and that
helped raise Mona's stock with her
formerly skeptical kids.

Mona told us: "My son liked the
Seventeen photo of me standing next
to Jimi Hendrix,.  It was just a
momentary interest, but enough for
him to say 'pretty cool, Mom'

That was the best!"

Mona has worked with some of the
best models in the business including
the legendary
Sunny Griffin, whom
she remembers fondly.:

"Sunny Griffith and I were booked for
mother/ daughter photos when I was
7 or 8 yrs old.  After I grew, we did
doubles for women's fashion.  Sunny
is a kind, lovely and beautiful
woman."  Mona said.

Mona told us she was so happy
about finding our group of models
and other Super Mods who share our

She recalled many of her modeling
buddies featured on MMM60s
including Colleen Corby, the greatest
teenage Super Model.  

"She and I spent so much time
together,  Colleen  was a great
friend, so was Lucy Angle  and so
many others on your list.  They are a
terrific group of girls, and I miss them

She also recalls our friend Wallis

"Wallis and I met in Paris when I was
14.  We had lunch together in NY
about a week before her death.  One
of the nicest... Most sincere....  Her
smile …"

My daughter has since changed her
mind about me being clueless.
Yikes!  Now she wants to become a
Wallis Franken by
Steven Meisel
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