Why I am Inspired by the Sixties:

Ross van der Heide age 13

Dear Linda:

I love 1960's fashion because it was full
of color and life.  It was insane,
overflowing with fantastic ideas, like
Betsey Johnson's bean-sprouting dress
that had to be watered, or her 'kit' dress,
which came with a bag of star and moon
stickers that the wearer could put
'wherever they felt they were needed', as
one fashion writer wrote.  In the 50's, new
things were usually repressed, such as
women who thought it was idiotic to get
all dressed up and scream, "Honey,
you're home!" the instant their husband
walked in the door.  But in the 60's,
people were dying to be different, as
evidenced by the popularity of clear PVC
booties and light-up dresses.

But I don't just like 1960's fashion.  I like
almost all fashion, especially the 60's,
the 20's, and Ancient Egypt (I just
watched Cleopatra with Liz Taylor, and it
was so fabulous it made me sick :))

Well, I'll talk to you later, and once again,
Thank You SO MUCH for giving me this
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