miniMadMOD60s is a group of volunteer editors who have made it their mission  to
 find and post as many photographs of the top models of the Sixties.  Every picture here
 was sent in by an interested party.  Sometimes it is the model herself, or a family
 member.  At other times, photographers, editors and stylists have sent us pictures of
 someone they would not want to see forgotten as we speed further into the
 Twenty-First Century. Today if you are not on the web, you are not relevant to a large
 portion of society.  We have made it our mission to make sure that not one of these
 classic images is forgotten. To read more about how this unique website was started
 and grew to an archive of over 15,000 images
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This is a dynamic ever-changing archive.  As more models are rediscovered and more
 pictures contributed, this museum will continue to grow. If you, your family member or
 your favorite models are missing from this archive, please contact us.  We will make
 every effort to add your suggested model to the data base.


After forty years of hiding
 virtually unseen and untouched
 in attics and trunks all over
 the world, many of the most
 beautiful fashion and beauty
 images have been brought to
 light on this non-profit website.
 The editors of this website
 re-identify the Sixties Super
 Models, who appeared in these
 ads and editorial pages and on
 the covers of the magazines.  
 These faces were brands to the
 Baby-Boomers.  We also try to
 credit the stylists, photographers
 and publications who helped
 create these iconic images.
 miniMadMOD60s has created
 these public  archives for the
 enlightenment and
 enjoyment of posterity.