Message From Angora Fedora:

Manager of The First Colleen Corby Fan Community

I'm so glad this history is being recorded by so many who are
gracious enough to participate together here at
miniMadMOD60's....all brought together by their biggest and
most loving fan of all, Linda Morand!

Her sincere warmth and concern for all of the models is hard to
miss. Clearly, she has a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of
affection and solicitude towards them all. Theirs is a club apart,
and Linda reminds me of the big sister: a protective tigress who
has a tender fealty towards all of the models.

I find it humbling to be even the teeniest part of this event
through the sharing of pictures I've gather and the montages I
love doing. I'm delighted that you enjoy the montages. Thanks
for saying so.   

These models remind us of ...are metaphors for...are
representations of something or of someone significant to
ourselves. Icon is from the Greek word "eikon" which means
image. To me this website is  beyond being about pretty people
or celebrity sorts. This site is important because it represent a
key historical period, and closer to home, it  represents many
different things in the lives of each one of us personally.

For instance, when I see Colleen Corby, I think  of times, places
and events in my own experiences that shaped my life; these
memories form (to quote the cotton people lol) the fabric of our
lives. These times, places and events are a part of who we are.
Colleen along with the other models are like starter dough,
inspiring us to remember, cherish, & embrace various time
periods that form the warp and woof of our own lives.

In that sense, it's not about Colleen or the other models at all.
It's about certain time periods & many of our own personal
notions, experiences, and memories the models inadvertently

But of course, it is also about all of these wonderful people who,
as models, are gifted chameleons and marvelous hard working
actors, among other things. It is fascinating to witness their
reliving of the classic moments.  Their comments bring clarity to
the images.

We are all on a journey. These talented models and sometimes
muses have charted intriguing waters. I love to hear their tales.
Moreover, I always appreciate their brilliant variety of looks.

I happen to believe that the sixties models are the most
beautiful, refreshing and inspiring lot in the history of modeling.

I wonder if they comprehend their significant place in history.

Angora Fedora