Linda Morand

Linda Morand  was a successful American fashion model, cover-girl and
haute couture mannequin during the 1960s and 1970s. Known as
'SuperChick', she appeared in national ads, magazine covers, TV
commercials and national catalogs.

New York Career

Linda Morand was born in Lindenhurst, Long Island. She was discovered by
Eileen Ford in late 1965 while studying art in New York City and groomed into
a top model for the Ford Agency. At 5' 9½ inches tall and 120 lb., Morand
was naturally slender and did not have to diet to maintain her weight.
Appearing on the fashion scene at the same time as Twiggy she was noted
for making up very unusual poses and participating in innovative futuristic
fashion layouts including light shows, robots, super-heroes, computers and
James Bond type spy take-offs.

Morand is known for her resemblance to the former First Lady Jacqueline
Kennedy,. Noted columnist Marian Christie wrote about a meeting of the two
women in a 1971 Boston Globe article, "Resemblance to Jackie Pays Off",
which helped to further Morand's career:

In 1966 as one of Vidal Sassoon’s house models, Christophe created her
signature style, a closely cropped asymmetric cut. Linda Morand appeared in
Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Teen, Elle and many more international
magazines. Her favorite designer was Betsey Johnson, whose clothes she
wore for many fashion layouts. She also modeled for Lilly Pulitzer. She was a
favorite of Mademoiselle magazine's editors and photographers George
Barkentin, David McCabe and Gosta Petersen.

European Career

Francois Lano of Paris Planning, the biggest fashion modeling agency in
Europe, made a deal with Ford to run during 1967 and 1968 when Morand
was contracted to walk the runways of Paris and appear in the pages of the
European fashion magazines, such as Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, Vingt Ans in
Paris and many Italian, Swiss and German fashion magazines. Her modeling
career took her on assignments throughout the fashion capitals of Europe,
including Paris, Milan, Munich and Barcelona.

Morand was based in Rome through 1969 modeling for fashion houses
Valentino, Pucci and Roberto Capucci and playing small parts in a few Italian
movies and TV shows, but she missed the runways of Paris.

Shortly after her marriage to French aristocrat, Philippe Forquet in 1970, her
husband became a teen idol starring as General Lafayette in a popular prime
time historical mini-series for ABC called The Young Rebels. Forquet did not
like his wife to model so the put her career on hold for a few years, enjoying
the livestyle of travel and entertainment. After an amicable divorce she
returned to modeling in Paris.

Morand was once more cast by the biggest names in fashion by 1974. Her
modeling assignments included walking the catwalks of the major European
haute couture designers including Pierre Cardin, Jean Patou, Karl Lagerfeld,
Emanuel Ungaro, Paco Rabanne, Chanel and Valentino.

She became a favorite of renowned fashion photographers Helmut Newton,
who shot a ten-page spread for Vogue Paris with Morand made up as
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The pictures caused such a stir that Richard
Avedon sent a telegram of congratulation, and said Jackie was ready to sue.
This furor calmed down when it was pointed out that Linda Morand's name
was mentioned in the article. This led to many more assignments throughout
Europe, including many for German and Swiss catalogs. Hans Feurer
photographed her for several layouts in Italian Vogue, Marie Claire, and
Mode International.

In 1975, Morand decide to retire, remarry and raise a family. She stayed
marginally active in the modeling industry as the owner of a small exclusive
modeling school in the Eighties, a national photography studio and appearing
from time to time in special bookings.

Currently, she is a journalist and maintains a website with the pictures and
biographies of over 300 top models of the Sixties. She has recently been
asked to co-executive produce a 2 hour TV Special called Supermodels hall
of Fame.

Marian Christie "Resemblance to Jackie Pays Off", Boston Globe, 1970,

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"Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Linda
Morand recently met at that chic New York
"dive" where Lost Weekend [sic] was filmed:
P. J. Clarke's, and the two eyed each other
suspiciously. There was every reason for the
prolonged glance of cool appraisal. The two
are look-alikes 21-year-old Linda being the
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