The Supermodels Hall of Fame

What is the Supermodels Hall of Fame?

The Supermodels Hall of Fame is not a brick and mortar building.

It is not a museum.

At the core, the Supermodels Hall of Fame is a non-commercial

Privately Cloistered Social Network

and a mission-driven

Appreciation and Awareness Commission

to document and honor the great fashion models of history for their

Bodies of Work and their continuing effort

to help their Charitable Causes.

In 2006, recognizing that there was nothing on the Internet about the celebrated models of the mid-Twentieth Century, former Ford model, Linda Morand, founded miniMadMOD60s a public website and the

Supermodels Hall of Fame,

a cloistered network for veteran modeling industry insiders.

The Supermodels Hall of Fame's efforts have inspired museum exhibits, books, documentaries, magazine layouts, websites and fundraising events.

We are proud to sponsor the Supermodels Charity Foundation.